Ideas for appealing smokey eye makeup

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My sister was asking me how to get attractive and catchy smokey eyes by applying makeup perfectly. Please provide us complete information about smokey eye makeup through simple and easy steps.

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  1. Jennifer

    Ideas for appealing smokey eye makeup  

    "Here are some step-by-step instructions for you on how to get the perfect smokey eye:

    • The key to prevent eyeshadow from melting into your eyelid, the best way is to kept eyelids oil-free.

    • Apply liner on the upper lash line by applying thicker line in the middle of eye.

    Ideas for smokey eye makeup

    • Now apply a little amount of eyeshadow in order to have a full smudge appearance.

    • Now it’s time to apply a light base color, the key to a smokey eye is blending a lighter base with the darker color.

    • Mix your eyeshadow with brighter eyeshade, but make sure to keep dark color below the line.

    Appealing smokey eye makeup

    • Check it again that the eyes look alike and if its required blend the eye color with a Q-tip.

    • Give a finishing touch to your smokey eye makeup with few application of mascara."

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