Ideas on transforming into a vampire

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Ideas on transforming into a vampire

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  1. Victor Strong

     Whether being able to transform into a vampire is possible is up for debate, with many deeming the legendary immortal creatures to be nothing more than folklore and myth created to explain bats and scare children. 

    If however one was able to make the turn and live the eternal life that comes with it, would you do it. My honest opinion is that not knowing when we will die and having the possibility of death makes life more precious and valuable. Never dying would take a certain special quality away from each day. Also, the fact that you would never be able to enjoy sunlight or food for all those years would have to pun intended. 

    The other aspect would be an uncontrollable urge to drink blood, making loved ones and relatives fair game. I think that would complicate relationships greatly. Honestly, I'd say being human beats being a vampire. We aren't perfect, but we love, we are warm and we die, and the latter might make everything else worth living for. 

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