Ideas to decorate your bedroom

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Ideas to decorate your bedroom

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    It is your personal retreat, your private space and the place that you miss when you're away from home.  Unlike a hotel room that no longer comfortable and attractive, your bedroom is the reflection of your own personality and style.  However, until you yourself get bored and want to turn to that particular universe.

    If you are: at this stage, here are some ideas.

    Create a multi - functional room where you feel comfortable and relaxed, designed to suit your personal tastes.  The first is to carefully choose the colors for the bedroom, avoiding strong tones that, over time, can cause eyestrain.  Although your room is small, decide what activities you want to do in your " shelter " and plan the space accordingly.

    As for your chances, create different zones within the room: one for sleeping, one where reading, if possible a special area for work and, of course, some more for clothing and accessories.  Even if you have room, is well an area where you can have a little coffee or where you a tea.

    Better to select good quality even if it costs more...

    The most important piece of any bedroom is the bed.  So do not skimp expense when you select it.  A good bed is an investment that will provide relaxation and wellbeing for long.  If possible, buy bedding premium: a good duvet covers and sheets with linen or cotton are always welcome.

    Always try to place it in a ventilated area.  For the workspace, choose a nice desk and a good chair will provide comfort during study hours.  If you have enough room, sillÃ_no takes on a couple of stools upholstered with pleasure.  These can be used to rest your legs, as surface a game board or a table for dinner.

    The lighting, key in a bedroom

    The key to illuminate a space is to use different colors and lighting zones and have a knack for turning on and off lights from bed, chair, desk and door.  Play with reading lamps, interior lights or recessed lighting in cabinets light up when you open the door.  If you're lucky enough to have a bedroom with large windows, not waste it.

    Be sure to put curtains or blinds fabric ( vertical blinds ) to go with your style.  Enjoy every detail and make your bathroom space to spend happy moments.

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