If you could make 1 amendment to the laws what would it be?

by Guest5590  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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Just curious to know if you would have got the chance to make one amendment to the laws of your country, what would it be? And why would you have made this amendment? Please share your views!

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  1. Guest5396

    As a Pakistani i want to make a lot of amendments in the law but one most imortantly is to make these feudral lords not eligible for the elections.......


  2. Guest5372

     If, I would have given a chance to edit laws of the country, I would have first edited the law of 'equal opportunities,' which actually exists but is not implemented anywhere. It is currently applicable to the poor class only, but still, they are ignored and at their place, only the ignorants, illiterates, and incapabales of the society are enjoying lavish lives. If it is something related to the equal opportunitis, it means it should be applied to all classes equally, but unfortunately.........

  3. Guest3543

    The entire law should be changed. All these laws are defined to help these feudral lords no one else is benefited through any of the laws which are currently being implemented in Pakistan.

    So in my opinion the whole book needs to be rewritten because it is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

  4. Guest2330

    You do not need the power to amend the law for that... just STOP VOTING your so called lords into power again and again. Imagine the things people of this country can do if they start using what God blessed and filled there upper chambers with.

  5. Guest7298

    Such things are easier said then done. I have been wondering since i read this, th efirst thing that came to my mind is am I equipped well enough to make a change in The Law of the country or am i over doing myself by thinking that i can take the right decision for the 180 million hearts, souls and minds that reside in this build to be Islamic republic but now wana be Yoo country. i personally think and it is solely my opinion that this is one of our biggest irony as nationals of Pakistan that we put our hands in things that we know we cant finish. Well no other country understands the phase power corrupts everything better then us. we have witnessed it like our fathers did before us and their fathers did before them, one after the other getting bulldozed by those who got corrupted as they grew stronger. i think that i s why old wise men use to say mend yourself first before you try to mend others. i at this particular moment of time do not consider myself worthy of such powers and the best service that i can render to the nation would be to pass them on to somone who has the strength in character, the power and skill to handle critical situations and above all the patience of dealing with impatient, emotional and sentimental individuals like myself.


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