Im 13 and i think im pregnant. HELP.!?

by Guest1823  |  8 years, 7 month(s) ago

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I cant tell my parents. But he only started to shoot in me. And i never got my cheery popped. I still didnt get my period for like 3 days. I feel sick and wanna sleep. Could i bee pregnant.?

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  1. Guest8069
    what but how can u ? did u do s*x if not so how could u. u know i m also 13 and didnt get my periods yet tell me what can i do am i also pregnent????

  2. Guest9915
    he needs to c*m tho, and you young your periods might not be regular
  3. Guest7494
    u r not pregnant if u didn't have s*x and school just stated so u could be sleepy from that if u never had a period u  cant be pregnant i'm 17 i got raped at 15 and thats wen i lost my "v-card" (started havin s*x) but just chill out tell some one u trust thats older and see what happens
  4. Guest1014
    Hi how u know tat ur pregant and ur only 13 ?????????
  5. Guest3535
    dumbass little kids.
    you cant get pregnant so young most likely.
    your period is probably late because you are stressing so much that you may be pregnant.
    believe me your not.
    itll come.
  6. Guest1274
    Yes, it it possible, unlikley, but possible. Don't listen to the person who said "dumbass little kids." If you've started your period, then you can get pregnant. My advice, DON'T HAVE s*x, your just too young. Did you think about all the STD's you could get? I'm 13 too and i so don't want s*x.
  7. Guest5533
    a 13 year old trying to give advice to a 13 year old?!
    what has the world come too.
    listen to the olders.
    f*****g little kids.
  8. Guest9179

    im 13, i had s*x at the beginning of this year, im 14 next week but ive been feeling sick a lot, bad headaches and ive missed 2 periods. i dont know whether im pregnant or if im getting that stressed out about it that i think i am. i know it was a stupid thing to do and if i could turn back time i wouldnt have done it! but how come he only 'shoot' in you but you dint properly have it? was you planning on getting pregnant?

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