I'm a 16 year old guy lookin for a girl.

by Guest3242  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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If ur interested leave ur email

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  1. Guest111
    I'm 16 will tht work I hope...lil bout me yea I could b ur gf I'm tall blond skinny chearlead and play softball, hbu?

  2. Guest4437
    I'll only give u my email if ya want it peace

    Luv ya, Kayla
  3. Guest1661
    Here is my email
    so u better email me cuz tht is y I gave it
    to u and u asked for it

    Luv Ya, Kayla
  4. Guest6911
    Hey thanks for the email I sent one to u. I'm 16 and play football
  5. Guest4234
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