In Michigan can i legally move out of my parents home...

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I am 15 and will be 16 in September. I was wondering if i was just to up and move out would my mom be able to get the police involved. could i be punished for trying to leave home? Would i be force to move back home? please give me the best answer possible i have been trying to figure this out for almost a month and everyone has a different answer. I have a friend whom is 18 and she has an apartment. so i would be moving in with her. could she also get in trouble? and if i cant move out when im 16 then could i move out at 17? or do you have to be 18?

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  1. Guest8681
    your mom could get the cops involved and your friend could get in trouble for harboring a minor when you're 16. when you are 17, in michigan, you can move out and the police and courts will not force you back home. at 16 though, you can try for emancipation.

  2. Guest1487
    dude I been trying to move out and go live in holland mi with my boyfriend. You have to get emancipated. If you dont have a job forget it. If you dont have an affidavnt (someone who can vouch for you that its in your best interest to leave home) like a school conselur a police officer someone of general authority then forget it. Its 150.00 to file for emacipation and a long task i gave up lol. but idk thats all i can really tell ya its a pain in the a*s.
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