In which sectors Saudi Arabia wants to invest in Pakistan?

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Saudi Arabia wants to invest in Pakistan. I want to know that in which sectors Saudi Arabia wants to invest in Pakistan. Can someone give me an overview on it?

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    Saudi Arabia is fascinated in speculating in Pakistan's vitality and agriculture subdivisions, Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh said after assembly his corresponding from the oil-rich country. Saudi Finance Minister Dr Ibrahim Bin Abdulaziz Al-Assaf and Dr Shaikh talked about financial endeavour chances that Pakistan keeps out for Saudi enterprises at an assembly on the function of semi-annual IMF-World Bank gathering. He said that we have very close and longstanding bond with Saudi Arabia and Ibrahim Al-Assaf is a longtime acquaintance of Pakistan. We investigated means to farther extend bilateral monetary cooperation.

    He in addition reaffirmed Islamabad's guideline to alleviate foreign financial endeavour in assorted subdivisions of the economic procedure embracing vitality as the nation looks for to subdue electrical power shortages and spur highly-developed output. The Pakistani money minister in addition talked about monetary support with his corresponding from neighboring Iran and Afghanistan. With Iranian Finance Minister Dr Seyed Shamsuddin Hosseini, Shaikh talked about how the two nations could fortify support in trade and transport environs, mostly headed for materializing the recommended launch of a cargo train from Iran to Turkey by Tehran.

    Finance minister was accompanied at the encounters via Secretary Finance Waqar Masood Khan, Chairman Federal Board of Revenue Salman Siddique, Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Nadeem ul Haq, Governor State Bank Shahid Hafeez Kardar, Secretary Economic Affairs Division Abdul Wajid Rana and Counsellor Economic Affairs at the Pakistani embassy within Washington Zahid Hafeez.


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