Include or Exclude Raymond Davis what should be US and PAKISTAN relation?

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War against terrorism is bought to Pakistan by America what were the the forces behind and keeping Davis Raymond in or out How should America be treating Pakistan presently.

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  1. Guest3365
    From President Obama to late Richard Holbrook to US Generals, all considered Pakistan as epicenter of terrorism, but they always conveniently forgot that the US was also equally responsible for creating the specter of terrorism, and therefore it should share the blame and the responsibility. Before 9/11, Pakistan was not familiar with terrorism and suicide bombings, and one did not see terror in any form or manifestation before the Afghan jihad in 1980s. It was the United States and its cohorts who introduced this predominantly moderate polity to the dangerous phenomenon when they were fighting a proxy war against the Soviet invaders of Afghanistan. Apart from roping in zealots in hordes from all over the world and disgorging them in Pakistan to cross over to the Afghanistan battlefields, bagfuls of greenbacks and petrodollars were unloaded here by America’s CIA for religious radicalization. This created fanatics locally as well to fight this proxy war that they had labeled as Afghan Jihad and its fighters mujahedeen. Osama bin Laden was projected by international media as a great mujahid who had sacrificed every comfort of life and all his wealth for the sake of jihad.

    There is no doubt that Pakistan should have good relations with the US and other countries of the world, but a line has to be drawn beyond which Pakistan should not go. Tomorrow, if the US invokes its active policy of containing China and wants Pakistan to be a part of the alliance, Pakistan should say no to any such suggestion because Pakistan cannot afford to be a part of big game. There is a perception that Pakistan was disintegrated by becoming part of Seato and Cento against former USSR in 1950s. But it should also be remembered that flawed domestic policies, lack of socio-economic justice and unequal development of the regions were equally responsible for the break-up of our motherland. And our allies had acted as silent spectators which was act of criminal negligence and betrayal.

    But there is a long list of the US betrayals of this country over the past six decades, and this list is becoming lengthier with the passage of every decade. In the coming decades too, predictably the list will continue expanding, as Pakistan invariably comes to every US administration as a sacrificial goat to be exploited, manipulated and used, and then ditched to the abattoir when found no use of.

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