Increasing eBook Sales and decresing Paperback sales in January.

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I just want to know whether eBook Sales are Increasing and Paperback sales are decresing. Can someone tell me about it?

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  1. Guest6127
    According to the January 2011 sales report of the Association of American Publishers, E-books and downloadable audio books continue to grow in popularity. Figures for the first month of the new year show that E-book net sales increased by115.8% vs January 2010 (from $32.4 Million to $69.9M). Sales of Downloadable AudioBooks also rose by 8.8% vs the previous year ($6.0M to $6.5M).
    E-book sales have increased annually and significantly in all nine years of tracking the category.
    Adult Paperback dropped from $104.2M to $83.6 (-19.7%) and. In the Children’s/Young Adult category, Paperbacks were $25.4M, down 17.7% from $30.9M inJanuary 2010.

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