India beats Australia in world cup 2011 on a muddy ground.

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Was it all muddy when India made a sucessful run chase beating Australia in world cup 2011 quarter final?

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  1. Guest210
    India was to play Australia in the quarter-final on their home ground. Starting up as favourites, India never proved to be as lethal as Australians were in the world cups of 2003 and 2007. Playing on their home ground they were expected to win almost all their matches. They were always shaky even after posting good totals against England and India which resulted in a tie and a loss, thus proving them to be a weaker bowling side. The only thing was a favouring them so as to become the world champions was the home advantage. The Indian batting which was considered to be very formidable went through collapses in the matches against England, South Africa and West Indies. In their quarter-final match against Australia, the Indians had to bowl first after losing the toss. They made some reasonably good effort by restricting the Australian batsmen to a score of 260 runs. That score was not that big but was not that easy to chase against strong Australian fast bowling attack. Somehow it proved to be a comfortable one when India batted. This is worth-mentioning here that whenever India had to bowl second, there was never a dew factor seen on the ground. Quite remarkably, when the Aussies were bowling they were seemed to be playing in mud instead of a lush green ground. There was so much dew on the ground which made the Australian bowlers unsuccessful and letting India chase a good total reaching semi-final against Pakistan.

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