India finally makes it to the semi final of World Cup 2011.

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Was India likely to make their way to the world cup 2011 semi final beating Australia?

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    Some way or the other, India managed to reach the semi-final of the world cup 2011 and was to play arch rival Pakistan in the big game. The match between Pakistan and India is always said to be “mother of all games” and always get a lot of coverage from the media. Since it was the first ever time that the two arch rivals were playing so not only India and Pakistan, but the media across the whole world seem to covering this all important encounter. Despite receiving life threats, the Pakistani tigers went to play in India aiming to win and living up to the hopes of their cricket loving nation. They were quite warmly welcomed by Indians but were not likely to receive a support they have enjoyed in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The semi-final was to be played in Mohali, located in the Indian state of Chandigarh. As it was a big game for both the teams considering the expectations of their cricket fans, a real nail biting encounter was expected. Apparently trying to lessen the tension of the match as well as on Pak-India borders, the Indian PM goes on to invite the Pakistani PM and President to watch the semi-final between the two countries which Mr. Manmohan Singh never bothered doing in the past two years, hence kept accusing Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks where the world cup 2011 final set to be played. As there is no smoke without fire, the invitation from Indian PM seemed to be covering some other motives besides match viewing.

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