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What are some of the common eye problems, I need to know the list of common eye problems and its causes. Please help me in detail.

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  1. Daniel Phil

    common eye problems 

    "Most of the people will go through from instantaneous eye infections from time to time, which involves itching, blurriness or tiredness. Numerous of these eye issues are temporary and will mostly depart on their own without any complexity. But abrupt eye issues and those that remain for few days should be examined by a medical expert.

    Below is the short list of some common eye problems and their expected causes.

    Eye twitching:

    Eye twitching is generally not injurious; but it can be very irritating. Twitching may be connected with the following factors:

    • Stress

    • Caffeine

    • Fatigue

    • Pink eye

    • Panic disorder

    • Tourette syndrome

    Itchy eyes:

    Itching eyes or redness can be very irritating. Below are some factors that may cause itchy eyes:

    • Pink eye

    • Blepharitis

    • Dry eye syndrome

    • Allergies

    Tired eyes:

    If you are feeling eye tiredness and fatigue, the following are the factors may cause tired eyes:

    • Dry eye syndrome

    • Computer vision syndrome

    • Farsightedness

    • Astigmatism"

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