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My sister has recently completed her O levels and now she wants to pursue cosmetology as a career. For this she wants to know some job opportunities in the field of cosmetology.

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  1. Jennifer

     "There is a lot of scope in the market for a Cosmetologist; overall employment of barbers, cosmetologists, and other personal appearance workers is supposed to increase much faster than the average for all other opportunities.

    List of some of the cosmetology careers available in the market are as follows:

    • Aromatherapist

    • Aromatherapy

    • Barbers

    • Barbers - Career Zone

    • Barbers Skills and Abilities- O*NET

    • Barbers and Cosmetologists

    • Barbers and Cosmetologists

    • Barbers and Hairdressers

    • Beauty Consultant

    • Beauty Industry Careers

    • Beauty Technologist

    • Beauty Therapist

    • Beauty Therapist

    • Bodywork and Massage Professionals

    • Career Videos

    • Careers in Cosmetology

    • Careers in Cosmetology

    • Color Consultant

    • Cosmetician

    • Cosmetologists

    • Cosmetologists

    • Cosmetologists and Barbers

    • Cosmetology Career Brief

    • Cruise Hospitality Specialist

    • Cruise Ship Personal Care Positions

    • Demonstrators and Promoters

    • Designers for Theater and Fashion"

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