Information about services and utilities in New Zealand

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I am a new migrant in NZ, could you tell me some information about services and utilities in New Zealand, please help me, I want to know for my stay here

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  1. Guest3646
    In New Zealand following services are available:
    1. Electricity: Electricity is supplied throughout New Zealand at 230/240 volts, 50 hertz. Most hotels and motels provide 110 volt ac sockets, rated at 20 watts for electric razors only. For all other equipment, an adapter is necessary, unless the item has a multi-voltage option.
    2. Public Call Phones: Most public call phones take cards purchased from bookstalls and newsagents, with a minimum value of NZ$2. Some public call phones also accept credit cards, but very few accept coins.
    3. Mobile Phones: international mobile roam facilities available in New Zealand.
    4. Laptops: visitors will need a RJ45 type plug to be able to connect their laptop into a computer socket in New Zealand, and an adaptor with a flat two or three point power plug to connect to the power supply.

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