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My brother marriage will be held in next month, we want to do shopping from Lahore, because somebody told us that in Lahore the shopping options are available in economical rates and also you can find excellent variety, please guide me about shopping in Lahore Pakistan, thanks.

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    The city of Lahore is referred as the Shopper's Paradise and it is a perfect place for bargains. It has several fascinating options for shopping, for instance Anarkali is one of the famous bazaar, with affordable prices and a nice food street with lots of Pakistani cuisine. On Sunday the bazaar remain closed but it is a good time to visit as street vendor line the streets and sell items at a reduced price. Traditional crafts like leatherwear, embroidered garments, glass bangles, beaten gold and silver jewelry, silk creations, sandals, shoes, books, sporting goods, swords are just a few of the thousands of items that can be purchased from here. Other renowned Bazars in Lahore are: Sarafa Bazaar, Copper Brass Bazaar, Kashmiri Bazaar, Sooha Bazaar, Urdu Bazaar and Ichhra.

    But if you want to buy exclusive and finer quality products then you can go Pace, HKB, Liberty Market, City Towers, the Gulberg area, and Fortress.  Major shopping areas in Lahore are mentioned below:

    1. Anarkali

    2. Liberty Market

    3. The Mall Fortress Stadium

    4. Model Town, Link Road Civic Centre, Barkat Market, New Garden Town  Civic Centre, Karim Black,

    5. Allama Iqbal Town  Moon Market, Allama Iqbal Town

    6. Moon Market, Faisal Town  Ichhra Shopping Area

    7. Chah Miran, North Lahore  Gulberg Main Market

    8. Auriga Complex  Pace Tesmart, Y-Block, Defence

    9. Sadar Bazar  Samanabad Main Market Y-Block

    10. Defence  Food & Cooking Supplies - Tolington Market

    11. General Consumer Items - Shah Alam Market  Dry Fruit & Food - Akbari Mandi

    12. Clothes - Azam Cloth Market  Electronics - Hall Road HAVAC

    13. Refrigerator & Air Conditioners  Patiala Ground, Link McLeod Road & Abid Market Mozang Chungi

    14. Kites, Fireworks & Basant Accessories - Mochi Gate Hardware & Electric - Brandruth Road & Beadon Road

    15. Photography & Camera - Chamberlane Road  Motor Cycles & Scooters - McLeod Road

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