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I am looking to open up a tanning salon close to a beach. As I am new to this type of business so someone kindly help me in providing information in the tanning equipment available in the market.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    Apart from some conventional tanning equipment, nowadays you can find some latest tanning equipment in the market from the leading distributors. Some of such equipments include tanning beds, tanning booths, tanning lamps, and exceptional lotions.

    Tanning Beds:  It is a device that emits ultraviolet radiations to produce a cosmetic tan.

    Tanning booths: It is very much similar to the tanning bed as it also emits ultraviolet radiations but the design is to be used while standing up, instead of lying down.

    Tanning lamps: The basic principle involved in tanning lamps is the same as the beds and booth which is production is UV light. They are a part of tanning beds and booth and produce more UV than the sun on a typical day.

    Tanning Lotions: These lotions include accelerators, bronzers, tingles and after tan lotions or coolants. 

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