Information on the types of counseling

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I am looking for some information in the tyes of counseling and would appreciate if anyone could provide me.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    Counseling has a very important role to play in many fields so as to help people in getting the right advice that they might be looking for. Given below are some common types of counseling that are available nowadays for those who like to benefit from them.

    * Abortion counseling

    * Career Counseling

    * Christian counseling

    * Credit counseling

    * Cross-cultural counseling

    * Disaster counseling

    * Disciplinary counseling

    * Ecological counseling

    * Family & marriage counseling

    * Genetic counseling

    * Grief & trauma counseling

    * Grief counseling

    * Marriage counseling

    * Nouthetic Counseling

    * Online counseling

    * Pastoral counseling

    * Peer counseling

    * Philosophical counseling

    * Pre-conception counseling

    * Pregnancy options counseling

    * Psychiatric and mental health nursing

    * Re-evaluation Counseling

    * Relationship counseling

    * Rehabilitation counseling

    * Sexual trauma counseling

    * Skin cancer counseling

    * Solution-focused counseling

    * Student counseling

    * Telephone counseling

    * Trauma counseling

    * Vocational Counseling

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