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Installous new question

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  1. amomipais82

    Installous Troll Bridge Crack password for iPhone appsby Daily - 2 days ago |   2 comments

    Appulous claims to be the solution to a flawed app store-yes, the Apple App store. In fact, this alternative is so popular that it is getting so much hits to its servers and had been getting slow every day that the creator (Kyek) has to migrate the servers to load balance. However, since it takes a while to do that, Kyek for the fun of it has set up a "Troll Bridge" to keep out the trolls. This is done by setting up a password protected site and purportedly, only users who are in the scene would be able to get in. Well, obviously this is pissing many people off though at the end of the day, the rationale or decision does make sense to a certain extent. By keeping the trolls out, the "real" users would be able to benefit from the site usage. The alternative of keeping the site down means no one would get in. The Troll bridge is only a temporary solution to the situation.

    To many, Installous or Appulous would not be working and Instalous would be down. On the subject of Installous troll bridge, here is purportedly a post from Kyek which tries to explain the difference between Installous and Appulous

    "The Installous Troll Bridge..."
    If you've ever said this, you're exactly who I'm trying to block from Appulous before we move to our new servers. Installous downloads and installs IPA files. That nice display that lets you browse apps and screenshots? That's all It's a website. You get the EXACT SAME THING if you load :: Troll Bridge from Safari on your iPhone/iPod. All Installous does is loads the site in a self-contained browser for your convenience. So the troll bridge has NOTHING to do with Installous. The apps you get are NOT provided by Installous. Installous is just the name of the program you're using to install them. Appulous is where you're typing the passwords, and it's what's giving you the apps."

    The question does keep rotating everytime and it is annoying even to those who can get in, but had to guess the password again or for those who search the web for the password to only find that the question has change again. However, the users who are very much involved should have no problems guessing.

  2. Guest6742
    what parent company hosted the
  3. Guest1525
    You should checkout all the Troll's bridge answers at
  4. Guest3070
    My name used to be Omgwtf. Who am I now
  5. Guest1408
    kyek modified a greasemonkey plugin to allow you to see if an appulous ipa link was dead before you clicked it the original plugin was the(        )link checker
  6. Guest6771
    insalluos app browse
  7. Guest8555
    The Troll Bridge
    To continue, you must answer the following question:
    Kyek modified a Greasemonkey plugin to allow you to see if an Appulous IPA link was dead before you clicked it. The original plugin was the ________ Links Checker.
  8. Guest6505
  9. Guest2968
    Correct new password :
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