Instruction manual of Timex Auto Set Clock Radio - T307S?

by Guest5729  |  8 years, 10 month(s) ago

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I have Timex Auto Set Clock Radio - T307S! I lost its manual, so I want to know any website where its manual is available.

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  1. Guest6677

    Timex nature sounds alarm clocks offer users many features that go beyond the standard alarm clock. During the nature sounds alarm clock, you can listen to soothing noises, including the ocean surf, a forest spring, and a rushing brook and the wind of summer. In addition to listening to natural sounds at any time, you can use the sounds as an alarm, in addition to the traditional radio and buzzer alarms that feature in standard alarm clocks.

    Press and hold the "Time" button till the time on the screen starts blinking. The "Time" button is located on the left of the LCD screen. Push the ">>" button to move time forward, or "<<" to move time backward. If you hold button down it will result in moving the time faster. Both buttons are placed under the LCD screen.

    Exit the setup with the "Enter" button. You can also wait for approximately 10 seconds, after which the clock will go out of the setup. Press the "Date/7-5-2 Button" you will see that the display starts blinking. The "Date/7-5-2 Button" can be seen under the "Time" button. You can Decide which type of alarm you want to set. You can also choose between the radio, the nature sounds or a buzzer.

    Set the radio station or sound you want as the alarm. If choosing a radio station, you can use the "Band" button to tune to station or press one of the station buttons. During choosing a nature sound, use the "Sounds" button to cycle through to the different nature sounds. You don't need to decide on the buzzer sound as

    Save the alarm setting by pressing "Enter" button.


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