Instrunctions for using ATM

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What are basic instructions for using ATM? Why women take more time while drawing cash from ATM?

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  1. Guest476
    Instrunctions for using ATM might vary for women from men

    ::Male Instructions::

    Pull up to ATM
    Insert card
    Enter PIN
    Take cash, card and receipt
    Drive away


    ::Female Instructions::

    Pull up to ATM
    Back up and pull forward to get closer
    Shut off engine
    Put keys in purse
    Get out of car because you're too far from machine
    Hunt for card in purse
    Insert card
    Hunt in purse for grocery receipt with PIN written on it.
    Enter PIN
    Study instructions.
    Hit "cancel"
    Re-enter correct PIN
    Check balance
    Look for envelope
    Look in purse for pen
    Make out deposit slip
    Endorse checks
    Make deposit
    Study instructions
    Make cash withdrawal
    Get in car
    Check makeup
    Look for keys
    Start car
    Check makeup
    Start pulling away
    Back to machine
    Get out of car
    Take card and receipt
    Get back in car
    Put card in wallet
    Put receipt in checkbook
    Enter deposits and withdrawals in checkbook
    Clear area in purse for wallet and checkbook
    Check makeup
    Put car in reverse
    Put car in drive
    Drive away from machine
    Drive 3 miles
    Release parking brake

    >>>Oops! I forget the rest of the male instructions:

    Forget to inform wife (who maintains the checking account) of said ATM withdrawal.
    Get angry with wife when the account is overdrawn!
    Look sheepish when she finds ATM withdrawal slips in your wallet 3 months later.

  2. Guest9274
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