Interior Design and Special Features of 2011 BMW Z4

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I am planning to by new 2011 BMW Z4, so searching for the details about Interior Design and Special Features of 2011 BMW Z4. Please help me.

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     "The 2011 BMW Z4's cabin is sleek and upscale. High-quality components abound and blend with varied forms to conceive an undeniably premium environment. Thankfully, BMW didn't overlook about practicality along the way. There's a riches of legroom in a segment not renowned for it, and abounding of storage space.

    With a straightforward feel of a button (done while saddening the brake pedal), the Z4's two-piece retractable hardtop bends into the trunk in 20 seconds. With the peak increased, visibility is unmatched for a roadster thanks to the Z4's large back quarter windows that eradicate the usual convertible unseeing spots. The large locality required to ingest the bent top covering furthermore conceives an expansive trunk (with the top covering raised) adept of retaining two groups of golf associations and a carry-on suitcase. Even when the top's let down, though, there's a deep, sensibly helpful space for a two of carry-on bags as well as a quite dimensions pass-through that competently elaborates trunk space to accommodate long pieces like skis or golf clubs.

    One of the first stars of next month’s 2010 Detroit Auto Show has been disclosed this weekend in the pattern of the all-new 2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35is. Coming in as the new range-topper for the Z4 lineup, the sDrive35is distills the roadster's presentation promise to make one of BMW's fastest and best-handling forms ever."

    2011 BMW Z4

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