International Day of Peace

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International Day of Peace

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    Este21 of septiembrese Eldia celebrates International Peace. LaAsamblea General Unidaslo Nations has declared as a day dedicated to strengthening losidealesde lapaz, both within nations and all peoples.

    Thus all the nations of the world provides a common date to organize events and undertake activities that highlight the importance of the democraciaen lapazy useful and realistic. This invites the community to wear a white garment this day.

    In keeping with the theme, is occurring in the world an extraordinary phenomenon. Young people everywhere are demonstrating the power of solidarity approaching each other, and demonstrating together for the common goal of dignity and human rights. This powerful impulse brings the ability to create a future of peace and democracy.

    There are many ways to participate in democratic practices, for example, taking part in a dialogue on constitutional processes, promoting the empowerment of civil society, and contributing to the struggle for gender equality and discrimination.

    It is very important to achieve inner peace first clarify what nuestramentey release of nosincomoda, amenazaylastima, and avoid situations oenojo anger, which is not the result of an external person situaciÃ_no but our properly.

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