International adoption agencies in India

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Could you tell me some information about International adoption agencies in India; actually I have to write an article about International adoption agencies in India, need some details, thanks.

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     If you want to adopt a child in India, then in India several International adoption agencies are working efficiently as they have created one of the largest and best sources of information available which help parents in providing and insuring that your child is safe and healthy. Few renowned agencies have included information on federal, state and privately run financial, medical and nutritional programs, that how the adoption process works in India. Few famous international adoption agencies that are working in India are given below:

    • Birth Mothers and Pregnant Women:  This is one of the international agencies that are providing services online. Their website designed specifically to assist parents with issues concerning adoption, pregnancy, financial, medical, and nutritional health programs. This organization also provides information about raising your child yourself or information related to adoption.

    • Act of Love Adoptions: this is one of the domestic infant adoption agencies in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a renowned, famous agency that has been established since 1993. The founder, Kathy Kunkel, has adopted eight of her ten children. It has obtained several compliments from birth mothers representing that they are always treated very well and with the utmost respect. Adoptive families also contact this adoption agency in high esteem and it is highly recommended. Their contact num is Birth Parents Toll Free: 1-800-835-6360 and adoptive parents Toll Free: 1-888-767-7740.

    • A Compassionate Care Adoption & Crisis Pregnancy : Compassionate Care is one of the a non-profit Christian Agency licensed in the State of Indiana since 1989 to help families throughout the USA with international adoptions, domestic adoptions, crisis pregnancies, and to analyze adoption home studies and post placement reports. This agency is present at Hwy 64 West RR 3 box 12B Oakland City, Indiana and their local phone number is 812-749-4152.

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