Intuitive or Intrusive??

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Intuitive or Intrusive??

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    One of the most important (and least appreciated) features of the new iPhone 4S, is the integration of facial recognition software.

    It is something that does not seem very important (different digital cameras already have this technology) but, like most of the tools that Apple releases, has been redesigned, repackaged and improved.

    According to an investigation by, the software will recognize and identify, which means you can order your photo albums per person, up or tagger in different social networks automati, ethics, and even find someone on your phone (as evidenced by the video below).

    This will give rise to future technologies such as the use of this tool to prevent theft or credit card cloning (is more difficult to forge a face that a signature). The possibilities are endless!

    However, everything has its downside, it could possibly happen that a photo taken by a stranger on the street can access your informaciÃ_ny profiles on the internet.

    Face recognition has advanced rapidly, and soon we will see applied in technology that we can not even imagine. To give one the following video Czech taste.

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