Iphone will not sync or turn on stuck on apple logo which then keeps shutting phone off

by Guest7765  |  11 years, 10 month(s) ago

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My apple iphone is stuck on apple logo, it want sync or turn on, which then keeps shutting phone off! Any idea how to fix this problem?

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  1. Guest1729

    This problem usually occurs when a user tries to JailBreak and something goes wrong ending up with a iPhone which had nothing but Apple Logo in it. Nothing can be done with it except turning it off completely or restart or even no response while you connect it to PC/Mac and no response from iTune also. The Best solution will be putting the iPhone into DFU Mode (Device Firmware Update mode). Then restore firmware via iTune. Putting iPhone into DFU mode might be a bit hectic, but it not so tough and just requires following the process few times if user is unable to reach in DFU. This is to be remembered that DFU mode and recovery mode is different. DFU is good for Firmware update, while the recovery mode is a state of iBoot used during standard upgrades and restores. As iBoot is active, it does not allow you to downgrade your device’s software. Also, unless it is ‘pawned,’ it will not allow custom firmware to be flashed. For the recovery mode:

    1. Turn the device completely off and disconnect it from cable/dock.

    2. Hold down the home button.

    3. While holding down the home button connect to a computer with a cable (easiest) or dock.

    4. Keep holding down the home button until a connect-to-itunes screen is seen.  The recovery mode is working now.

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