Irish teams prospects in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 after their victory against England

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Irish teams prospects in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 after their victory against England. I want to know your views on it.

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  1. Guest3121

    After defeating Pakistan and Bangladesh, Ireland like Kenya was expected to cause an upset in the tournament but most of us will agree to the fact that there chances of going through to the next round are still very slim.


  2. Guest6279

     The Irish team who have always been struggling in cricket since the day Ire-Land started International cricket. 

    But the team is always in a mode to file a major upset of the world cup. 

    Like they had already beaten Pakistan and Bangladesh in their world cup encounter. 

    But this year the moments will be totally unforgettable for the Irish team because this year they made a history by defeating the English team. Here just to remind that Ire-Land be the part of UK are always there under the British rule. So the seen of happiness there in Ire-Land is not easily grasped in words. 

    They simply just got mad as they watch there team winning against the team that has been the origin of the game the one's who created the game. 

    Hope that in next world cup there will be a major upset most likely to be seen from the Irish team.

  3. Guest6034

    Irish teams' victory against England in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 has boosted their morale and has given them new energy. They seem very hard working and keen learner. In future im looking them among the best teams of the world.

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