Is Canada v/s Australia going to be another upset of ICC World Cup 2011?

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With Canada off to a flying start in their last group match in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 against Australia, are we heading towards another historical upset?

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  1. Guest1178

    The match between Canada and Australia in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup, for sure is going to be the mega upset of the mega event. Reason just not that a stronger team would be beaten up by a weaker one. Instead,  a team that hasn’t lost a match in a World Cup since 1999, will have their winning streak broken by a side which is comprised of amateur cricketers including Pakistanis, Indians and Sri Lankans. This will also go down as a reliever for the teams that might be coming across Australia in the knockout stage but it would depend upon how the Canadian would bowl against formidable Australian batting line-up.  

  2. Guest1119

     Well i think it is not in reach of the Canadian players to achieve such an impossible accomplishment in the match against Australia.

    We all are very well aware to the Australian cricket team and also with their winning streak which is spread over then decade. 

    Though we had quite interesting upsets in this this world up but not in today's match.

    Try another day. 
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