Is Carlos Coy [South Park Mexican] really dead?

by Guest9291  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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My name is Favi from Ft. Worth Tx. I am fifteen years old and i grew up listening to SPM. As well as me, my sister lili loves the rapper Carlos Coy! Ive read many articles but i would like to know the truth and only the truth. IS THE RUMOR: CARLOS COY [SPM] IS DEAD, true!!??

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  1. Guest2833
    For real i hope he's not Im already in tears just thinkin about it
    Ive been listenin to spm all my life =(

  2. Guest3822
    its tru he died from cardiac arrest this morning
  3. Guest2100
    no spm is not dead is just a hater rumor
  4. Guest8268
    naw..he ain't dead...just some fucked up haters that just wanna hate...cuz thats all dey good at...cuz dey just feel sorry for themselves...and ya'll dnt need 2 CRY...CUZ crying ain't gonna do anything...but just ya'll need to keep yo heads up and do ya'll can do to FREE S.P.M..just look up his sight to free...Peace...i'm out!!!!!!
  5. Guest4358
    iKn0w; iReaLLyy hope not; iLoVe him; what the F**k is happenen to da world this dayyz?;; ='[[
  6. Guest6080
    he aint dead he in prison for smthin he aint do
  7. Guest87
    nope he aint ded
  8. Guest9989
    Man all you haters need to keep coys' name out ya'lls motha-F***n mouth... Regardless of what the f*k he did his loved by many... so f*k you and what you have to say... The man in my motha-fukn ideal... Even though his behind bars he be inspiring many lifes with his songs and screwed up tapes... i might not be from h-town or holding it down... but only man i will always hold it down for is "SPM" for always y por vida... My names NENA holdin it down for 210 San Antone... Free SPM!!! Us out here in bexar be holding it down for him 210's Finest Mic Reka's be holding it down for you CARLOS COY... We love you now in forever!!!! FREE SPM!!! FREE CARLOS COY!!!!

                                          Por Siempre,
                                               Nena the one and only
                                                         From the dome

                          WE LOVE YOU CARLOS(SPM)COY!!!!
  9. Guest492
    No Carlos Coy aka SPM is not dead that is just a rumor like always he is not dead
  10. Guest6010
    he aint dead all you haters need to stop clownin
  11. Guest3906
    That a*s should be dead for what he did to those lil girls. and to all those dumb asses whom listen to his music, you are no better than that fake a*s gangster.
  12. Guest5504

    i Love s.p.m. buh i think he did rape those Lil girLs nd i heard that he kiLLed himself cus he was going to do 30 yars in prison nd he didnt wnt to geht out wen he wus 60 so he hung himseLf (supposiveLy)

  13. Guest7993

    y wouLd yu wish the death ov someone cant we jus aLL Live merraLy? nd yu dont even noe him so yu shouLdnt say hez a fake a*s gangster i bet yu he can murder yur a*s. 

  14. Guest1262

    he's not dead i visited him about a week ago..

  15. Guest8346

    yahh. ok... Lmao. yu visited him?! weLL thats nice..

  16. Guest4251

    o pLease grow up kiddd!!!!!!!

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