Is David Beckham invited in British Royal wedding 2011?

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Many celebs are invited in Royal wedding 2011. Is David Beckham alsos one of the guests?

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  1. Guest7659
    Yes,  David Beckham has been invited to attend the 2011 British Royal wedding.

  2. Guest7314

    The wedding ceremony, which takes place at Westminster Abbey on April 29, will aspect high profile tenants and English royalty. Victoria and David Beckham are two of the fortunate small number to accept an invitation to the Royal wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

    Victoria Beckham chatted about her fervour about the wedding ceremony invite, during as interview, as showed by the U.K. paper “The Telegraph”.

    "I think we're both going to be there and we're very, very excited. We're very satisfied to be English and we're amazingly roused about this,"

  3. Guest900

     Prince William and Kate Middleton have invited 1,900 guests to their wedding on 29th of April. The 1,900 intense wedding party shall consist of a mixture of A-list celebs, guys and family, membership of the coerces, and several charity workers. Of course, as is expected, several world presidents, UK possess Prime Minister, David Cameron, and foreign dignitaries shall produce their appearances. The Beckham have been invited to the Royal Wedding on 29th April 2011. David Beckham, star England football player and actor has consumed valuable time with Prince William (also president of the British Football Association) whereas spearheading England's (unfruitful) bid for the 2018 World Cup. David and his wife Victoria, (former spice girl) a talented designer, are a few the majority sought-after celebs to complement any such main world event.

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