Is Eating Too much spicy food dangerous for health?

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I like to eat spice food. I want to know about its side effects, as my tongue feels like burning after eating it. Although my stomach doesn’t hurt but some people say that later it will cause damage in my stomach. So I wanted to know are there any long term effects of eating spice food?

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  1. Guest5096

    Eating too much spice food can damage you tongue as well as it can also harm your stomach and the digestive systems. There should be a proper balance of diet that you eat. First of there should not be only one kind of food. Second thing is that although most people like spice food. But there is little known among people about the effects of this type of food. In general there are stimulants in the spicy food when you eat too much spicy food, it results in raising the body temperature and also it stimulated the circulation of blood in the body. So if you are living in hot climate zone then it results in raising the body temperature. Research shows that the spicy food also result in effecting the metabolism process in the body as it increases the appetite sometimes by causing irregular flow of saliva. Hot peppers also cause in producing a burning sensation in the skin and mucous membrane and also inside the mouth. Although it may seem harmless initially but later on it will cause in the blistering of lips and palate. For the oral tissues the burning produced by capsaicin , this type of irritating chemical can be very painful.

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