Is India no more favourite to win the world cup 2011?

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After failing to successfully defend big totals against England and South Africa, is India still favourite to win the world cup 2011?

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  1. Guest5085
    Before the start of the World Cup, if any team was considered to be favourite to be clinching the title from Australia was only India. Playing on the home ground with a definite support from the crowd, Indians were projected to be a very strong side. However, in all the group matches played, India never seem to be dominating when against the stronger sides. Putting up a total of above and almost 300 runs against England and South Africa respectively, India never seemed to be in a comfortable position. Besides, in the match against West Indies, there was a collapse in batting that restricted India posting a big total. All these aspects do not support that India are favourite to win the World Cup but nothing can be predicted.

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