Is Maradona to blame for Argentina’s demise?

by Guest8123  |  12 years, 7 month(s) ago

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Diego Maradona was curiously offered the managerial position in October 2008. During that period of time, Argentina have gone from hot favourites for 2010 World Cup glory, to a side in danger of missing out on next summer’s tournament altogether.

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  1. Guest2970
    It would be very harsh to put the blame solely on Maradona.

    The AFA must take the brunt of the responsibility for offering Maradona the position as head coach in the first place. Without any real previous experience and a checkered past - what exactly were they thinking?!

    Given Maradona's passion for his country, he was never going to refuse the job.

    Surely it was only ever going to end in tears?

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