Is Ponting on the move to repeat 2003 world cup final innings in the world cup 2011 quarter final ?

by Guest9245  |  11 years, 6 month(s) ago

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Having scored 84 runs of 98 balls, is Australian Captain on the move for repeating 2003 world cup final's innings in the world cup 2011 quarter final against India?

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  1. Guest6506

     Ricky Ponting has played a remarkable innings today, He has scored a century in quarter final match against India that would be a great motivational for Australians to repeat the history of 2003 world cup match. But wait f Indian innings because they wont miss any chance to win the home ground quarter final match of world cup 2011

  2. Guest8956

     Pointing did the best what was in his hands but unfortunately there was no support to him form the rest of the batting line up which is the major cause Australia lost this match of quarter-final against India.

    And history is not there to be revived on every occasion. 
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