Is Top gear Offering anything to celebrities?

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How celebrities participate in Top Gear activities and what are their results in driving

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    Each week Top gear invites famous drivers for road tests around the infamous test tracks.
    This time Chevrolet Lacetti has been chosen and brand new array of celebrities take it out to the track.

    Celebrities and their times are recorded as below.


    Time (mins)
    John Bishop 1.42.8
    Tom Cruise 1.44.2
    Cameron Diaz 1.45.2
    Rupert Grint 1.45.5
    Boris Becker 1.45.9 (w)
    Peter Jones 1.45.9
    Andy Garcia 1.46.1
    Alastair Campbell 1.47.00
    Al Murray 1.48.1
    Jonathan Ross 1.49.0 (w)
    Jeff Goldblum 1.49.0
    Peta, 23 from Essex 1.49.9
    Nick Robinson 1.49.9
    Bill Bailey 1.50.8 (w)
    Amy Williams 1.50.9 (w)
    Amber Heard 1.50.3
    Johnny Vaughan 1.53.3 (w)
    Louie Spence 1.53.69 (w)
    John Prescott 1.56.7 (w)

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