Is Veena Malik Wajib ul Qatal?

by Guest9680  |  9 years, 5 month(s) ago

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This a threat given to Veena Malik from Taliban according to news. She is an artist and what she did was not offensive to anyone. Should she be killed for this? Is she wajib ul qatal?

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  1. Guest1911

    Who the h**l are we to decide some one is wajibul qatal or not 

    Every one has his right to live his own life, as he/she would be the the responsibile of his/her act.

  2. Guest1059

     complelety agree with John

  3. Guest9753

     its not for me or you or anyone else for that matter to decide if someone deserves to die or not. 

    let it put the case in God's court...

  4. Guest1070

     Cent percent agreed with John Bhai :)

  5. Guest4473

    absolutely not

  6. Guest9704

     Geo aur Ginay du kay  rule par amal karu :) . Lagay raho muna bhai

  7. Guest542

    Na jee na koi wajib ul qatal nahi hay . Qoom ka asasaa hay. 

  8. Guest9474

     Qoam ka assasa hai tu Pakistan main rahay na lazmi hinduon k pas jana hai


  9. Guest1969

    I have an advice for talibans

    Buy a mirror and decide who is wajibul qatal and who isnt.You are not the superior to decide who has to die and who is free

  10. Guest6392

    No, she's not wajib-ul-qatal. we dont have the right to decide who should live and who does'nt. but her recent acts in big boss and then going to india for the cricket world cup is quite embarrising. but that all does'nt make her wajib-ul-qatal. i think she should be expelled from the country.

  11. Guest415

    I dont think so, whatever she done that was wrong but if someone do this act, this will be big mistake.

  12. Guest5319

    Maaro ya bardashat karo........1 good thing is that we might get to see a new face on tv, otherwise we'll have to do what we Pakistanis do best, adjust and tolerate nonsense.

  13. Guest7291

    The acts done by her are non Islam and were a disgrace to Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We have a right to stand against these acts but we are no one to kill her to get justice. She is a human being and she has the right to live.

  14. Guest3943

    Well....its really a sensitive case.its true dat she has gone against rules laid by  Islam for a women.But its not first time happening as most of Pakistani actress are involved in these activities within country and in India.So, place doesnt matter whether its india or pakistan,rules must be implemented against any illegal act.

  15. Guest3806

     complety wrong

  16. Guest8119

     She shudnt be killed, but one thing is definite that she shud be thrown out of Pakistan for showing her a*s on National television In India. 

  17. Guest2145

    No the major problem is india, why she wnet india instead of USA. if you think like dis then u are wajibulqatal because you use indian brands and watch indian movies

  18. Guest661

    Who the h**l gave taliban the right to decide who's gonna live and who's not.... Taliban should remain in there limits they ruined there own country now they are trying to ruin ours.... Veena Malik is responsible for her own acts and she is answerable only to Allah not any taliban and govt group..........

  19. Guest9490

    Taking away a human life is not an answer to every problem, we act up like fanatics when its an issue involving a woman, our society is filled with sad tales of honour killings, where women have been targeted and butchered like animals.

    What Veena Malik did and is doing is totally unacceptable, as our social norms and aur religious ethics donot allow such materialistic acts, and that too from a woman. Veena Malik went this low only to gain viewership and fame, but at the cost of her honour and dignity. She has  even maligned the image of her country woman.

  20. Guest8516

    Veena Malik or any other Pakistani actress if goes to India or any other country and do whatever is solely reponsible for her act. If she did bad, it's a sin on her own part and she herself will be answerable in God's court. No, human is superior enough to decide whether one should live or not to....... so do the Taliban. They are no authority to decide one's fate...

    On the other hand, actors and actresses should be carfeul enough when they're rising as stars that their words and acts do not violate the feelings of people!

  21. Guest8431

    No, she is not Wajib ul Qatal. Many actresses in the past went to india and did bold scenes in the movies, then why we are specifically targeting veena malik?

  22. Guest6983

    Pakistani nation reportedly unhappy with Veena performance  but is not wajib ul qatal

  23. Guest6755

     Watching Indian movies or using Indiana product does not by any means that we have converted to Hinduism. Religion lies in the heart of a Momin.

    The ones who share there religion just for sake of fun should be killed on immediate bases. 

    Vena Malik make fun of Islam by asking a Hindu religious guy to offer Namaz. 

    Do not modify religion according to your own interest. Religion Islam says you need to stick to the religion and move along with the World.

    But the main element here is to stick to Islam.  

  24. Guest8791
    Ok if the religion lies in heart of the muslim then let every one keep it in there heart, who know he/ she might be forgiven all their sin due to any reason. and Mr ZZ what do you think of yourself are u wajibulqatal. Man m not taking her side i just wat to say is to let every one to decide his/ her life as he/she has to answer some da
  25. Guest3098

    First of all this is to be confirmed that what islam has to say about it. Besides, once this is confirmed, the other thing is if this conforms to the state laws of Pakistan. Nevertheless, if she is feeling guilty and promises not to be involved in any such activity again then Islam believes and stresses a lot on tolerance and forgiveness.

  26. Guest8655

    Mr. John sometimes it IS upto us to decide if she is wajibulqatal .... but what she did was never punished by death.....if she has sinned then whatever the punishment for that specifc sin is to be enforced on her or eitherwise she is NOT wajibulqatal...I am not saying she did right and John there are some cases in which one is wajiulqatal and we are suppoed to enact that out...but not in this case....God instructed us all in his book what penance is there for someone's deeds or else who will carry it out?

    correct we cannot decide fate as death is a very sensitive matter but whatever wrong is done is to be punished

  27. Guest1159

    Although Veena malik did wrong but being muslim we believe the day of judgement so let put this sensitive issue to the great court of all mighty Allaha,as he knows all the realities and have  better knowledge than us. on the other part every one is solely responsable for his/her acts so try to be a good muslim and be a good role model for the rest of world.

  28. Guest4540

     I do not comment on the statement of Taliban that Veena Malik is Wajib ul Qatal or not, but on her frivolous and licentious acts, as a Muslim I protest strongly against her.

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