Is chicken meat or poultry?

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Is chicken meat or poultry, can we eat it as a regular food item? Please help me in detail.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Chicken is the most popular kind of poultry food on the globe, and is cooked as food in a broad kind of modes, changing by district and culture.

    The chicken used at present is a descendant of Red Junglefowl composite in addition with the Grey Junglefowl initially introduced thousands of years before in the north regions of the Indian subcontinent.

    Chicken as an edible meat has been illustrated in Babylonian art from round 600 BC. Chicken was one of the most common meats accessible in the middle Ages. It was commonly accepted to be effortlessly digested and advised to be one of the highly neutral foodstuffs. It was consumed by the Eastern hemisphere and several distinct types of chicken for example capons, pullets and hens were consumed. It was one of the rudimentary components in the so-called white food, a stew generally comprising of pullet and deep-fried onions prepared in milk and sprinkled with flavors and sugar."

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