Is china mobile successful in Pakistan?

by Guest2992  |  13 years ago

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Many people buy Chinese mobiles in Pakistan due to low prices, but I think these mobiles are lacking functionality so just want to know is china mobile is successful in Pakistan or not. If it is so, how much successful it is?

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  1. Guest6468

    In Pakistan, Chinese products don't enjoy a good repute, as they usually don't last long. Almost every Chinese product is low in quality and unable to meet warranties. In Pakistan, people prefer to buy nokia mobiles, as they are durable, and have long life span compared to other mobile brands.

    Though Chinese mobiles have made some strong sales in India and Pakistan, but still in quality they are far behind the established names like Nokia and Erricsons. China mobiles in Pakistan are some of many other products that are taking over the tech market and it is really hard to find genuine stuff. As they are perfect copies of famous N-series mobiles, people in Pakistan are buying them for their extremely low costs, but i am sure they don't have the ability to last long, and soon people would stop wasteing their money on them.

  2. Guest406

    the people who cant afford mobiles having a camera meomry card..etc who go for china mobile which have a function but not good for quality wise but having low price..

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