Is drinking factor in getting in fights with your wife

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Is drinking factor in getting in fights with your wife

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  1. Jack Fisher

    Drinking is not only a factor in getting in fights with your wife but is is also the root of many other problems.  But remember Alcohol can never help sort your problems.  If I knew a bit of background of your question, I would have been able to answer it better. Are you a husband who is trying to find the solution for fights with your wife or are you a wife who has a husband with a drinking problem?

    Whatever the case, you should  not only determine the cause of drinking but also the cause of fighting.  There are times when the cause of the fight is something else but it is easier to get the rumble going when you are drunk.  Here are some strategies which may help:
    1. Drunk or not, when things are about to get heated, give yourself a timeout. This will allow you to think so you can handle the situation better when you return
    2. Try to talk things out, you can not come to terms if both partners are playing tick for tack.  
    3. Being polite and keeping your voice down during a time when everything in your body is saying yell, keeps the conversation heading towards the right direction
    4. “I am going to think with my head before I say something “ also works well.
    5. Pick your battles, not all things you don’t approve of must turn into fights. Sometimes giving up is a better alternative.

    Hope this helps

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