Is fever good for children’s health?

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I was reading a medical blog and I was amazed to see writer’s appreciation for seasonal illnesses common in children. I want to know about it. Is it right that fever is good for children’s health? How it is possible? Please provide a detailed answer with evidence.

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  1. Guest5891

     Parents become scary when their child’s forehead feels abnormally warm to the touch and they go for treatment immediately to get rid of fever as soon as possible. ibuprofen or acetaminophen are the medicines that are commonly used to bring that fever down but it is not the best move, as according to a new American Academy of Pediatrics clinical report, Your child's fever is a physiologic mechanism that has beneficial effects in fighting infection, so reducing the fever may actually hamper healing.

    According to the report, when a child has a moderate fever, many parents want to administer antipyretics to bring their child’s temperature at 98.6 reading on the thermometer. But according to the AAP researchers, there is no evidence that fever itself worsens the course of an illness, or causes any long-term neurologic complications. So the primary goal should be to improve the child's overall comfort rather than focus on the normalization of body temperature.

    Report says that the main thing in child’s fever is to treat his/her discomfort. Fever is a normal positive response, it decreases the ability of viruses and bacteria to reproduce in the body and it provoke the body to manufacture more white blood cells, which help fight infection.

  2. Guest6677

    No the feaver is not good for the children because due to fever there is weekness in his/her body. And he must lost his/her memory power if he is in the long time fever. He must lost her sining faces.

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