Is it possible to increase metabolism while eating spicy food at restaurant in Vienna?

by Guest7377  |  8 years, 6 month(s) ago

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I have been studying about health and fitness researches for years, but I never came to know the real secret of accelerating the process of metabolism in my body. While interacting with a friend of mine, I came to know eating lots of spicy stuff makes you get fat quite rapidly. I started to believe that eating spicy food makes us get fat fast. But recently, I read a magazine article that said spicy food actually increases the metabolism of your body. I was wondering if that is true. Is it really possible that the spicy food items available at the restaurants in Vienna increase metabolism? Is there anybody who can justify this fact with logical reasoning? Any help will be highly regarded.

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  1. Guest7070

    Well, getting fat is something else and the use of spicy stuff is something else in my personal opinion. Spicy foodstuff when enters to our body, produces heat, even our internal system already produces enough heat to keep the process of metabolism smooth internally. First of all, I would let you know that your friend was just assuming that you will get fat eating spicy food. Secondly, eating spicy foodstuff increases metabolism process in our body, while producing heat that helps us get rid of unnecessary fats in our body. In other words, you can say that eating spicy food at the restaurants of Vienna will rather make you smart or handsome rather than making you fat.


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