Is it true that Lamborghini was created solely to rival Ferrari?

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Is it true that Lamborghini was created solely to rival Ferrari?

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  1. Kuljit Grewal
    Although I am not sure that was the true mission or purpose of Lamborghini, the two companies histories are definitely tied together. As history goes, Ferruccio Lamborghini's tractor business had grown by leaps and  bounds in the 1960's allowing the businessman to purchase himself a Ferrari. After being disappointed with the vehicle, he decided to express his suggestions for improvement to none other than Enzo Ferrari himself; the founder and namesake of the famous automaker.

    As one would imagine, his suggestions were met with a less than warm reception with the apparent response from Enzo being along the lines of not needing a tractor makers' advice on how to build a sports car. Seeing this response as a challenge, Ferruccio set out to build the best sports car in the world; creating my personal favourite the Lamborghini.


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