Is it usual teen boys be bathed by female babysitters ?

by Guest4636  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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Is it usual teen boys be bathed by female babysitters ?

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  1. Guest4015
    No-Not ever-If you wish to be reported as a child molester-by all means go ahead-you should not bath anyone ( girl or boy ) older than 5 or 6.
    Imaging a male asjiong that question-would it be ok to bath a teenage girl?
    a few nonsense rumors:
    Boys are less mature than girl;s-: Absolutely false
    Boys are not Modest: They are as modest as you are
    It is against the law Babysitter-you have been warned, so if you get caught, are taken to court and have to register as a s*x offender the rest of your life-your were warned.

  2. Guest9154
    Please, don't be worried with the absurd thoughts of that guest number 14017730. That fellow is not a normal personality - his intolerance became very well known in every forum about that matter e others. His nickname in the forums is CaDad - californian dad, but is often anonymous. He is obsessed with sin ( must be a fundamentalist ) and make mistakes concerning nudity and s*x; he thinks nudity and s*x are the same thing. In another words : the guy thinks everybody is pervert, but does not know yet - poor fellow -  that he is the pervert.
    It depends of the necessity or circumstances of which case, but I think it is a normal conduct because teens of both genres can't be ashamed to be naked in front of their parents or babysitters contracted by them. Anyway they are their parents, you were born from them and the babysitters contracted by them act in their name! Some obscurantist religions of western and eastern world put in the mind of their followers a lot of guilty and sin about that subject, making them people with intolerant and perverted minds.They never entered into a nudist camp to see how the mutual respect is the rule, without any exceptions. Their sick minds just can't see that. Look at the absurd he says: "children over 5 or 6 years old can't be bathed by babysitters".
  3. Guest5975
    I think you need to read my posts again-I do not equate sin with nudity-I am telling you, backed from facts not personal speculation, that what I said was in fact the way it is. Children do become self aware around 5 or 6 , most start wanting their privacy-and with what they are teaching in day care and kindergarten, you can in fact get into some pretty serious trouble.Again, I want to remind you, would you want a male to bath a p*****n girl older than 6 or 7 or a teenage girl-of course not-its is stupid to even consider something so stupid-it is only your life here-and in the USA and other countries around the world you can be charged with child molestation and then your life will be ruined-forever. Listen to that little voie in your head screaming at you-NONONONONO!!!!
  4. Guest7483
    NO-is it ok for a male babysitter to bath a teenage girl? Only if you enjoy jail time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the answer is like are you just stupid? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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