Is it worth getting my MBA if my dream is to be an entrepreneur?

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Is it worth getting my MBA if my dream is to be an entrepreneur?

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  1. Victor Strong

     Kuljit is right, what it really comes down to is what is your desired outcome? If you are lacking business acumen or are searching for a powerful network, things that many MBA students feel their studies will bring them - know that there may cheaper and more effective ways to achieve both of these goals. 

    As an entrepreneur, the level and depth of your focus may be what are of best benefit to you. It may be more beneficial to seek out a mentor or look at free/cost effective alternatives such as and When it comes to networking there are a variety of ways to expand your contacts and nurture relationships.

    At the end of the day, consider the dollar and time investment required of you. Ask questions, seek advice and do your research. An entrepreneurial MBA may be the greatest thing that ever happened to you whereas the opportunity to intern for free at a startup that you admire could be worth 5 MBA's in experience and networking. Trust your gut and put in the time to study about it that is equivalent to what the program will cost you.




  2. Kuljit Grewal
    It really comes down to what you are looking for from an MBA program and where you want you want it to eventually take you.
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