Is performance of Aprilia Mana 850 better than MZ 1000S?

by Guest9518  |  9 years ago

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I was wondering to know about the performance of Aprilia Mana 850, as I have heard a lot of gossip in favor as well as in opposition of its performance as compared to the MZ 1000S sports bike. Actually, I am going to buy a sports bike for me in few days and I wanted to confirm whether it is better in performance than the MZ 1000S or not? Or if its performance is not satisfactory, I could get to know about that, so that I can change my mind from buying Aprilia Mana 850 to another sports bike. Please tell me briefly about the performance of Aprilia Mana 850 in comparison with MZ 1000S. Your little effort can help me go for the right choice. Thanks all!

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  1. Guest9035

     Well, there are various portals providing huge information on the performance of Aprilia Mana 850 with its comparison with the MZ 1000S superbikes. Although, there are some people who go in favor and some against the performance of Aprilia Mana 850, yet the available specs of MZ 1000S are still lacking ABS braking system, which perhaps gives more boost to the prominence of Aprilia Mana 850. When it comes to the performance of Aprilia as compared to the MZ 1000 S, it rocks in all aspects, as it is runs fast and is feasible for all types of roads. Although, it consumes less gas, yet it still gives good mileage and superior performance, as compared to MZ 1000S!

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