Is soda bad for health?

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My father is very fond of drinking soda right after every meal. I need to know is soda bad for health, please provide me full details regarding my query.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Below is the basic and highest health hazard from consuming Non-alcoholic fizzy beverages called soda.

    The sugar or sugar alternate laden soda beverages are on high risk when it is the matter of being actually awful for you, in that the quantity of sugar that these beverages comprise is sufficient to take your blood sugar levels to unsafe high levels upon consuming them. Fortunately, your body has a relief body system called the spleen which comprises a gland that releases insulin. Insulin is an element that regulates blood sugar level and when you get too high a dose of can soda, likewise high dose of insulin gets secreted into the bloodstream to contradict its effects.

    It is fine if it only occurs rarely, as your body is conceived to encounter these conditions and clean up the disorder you create. But when you drink these sodas on daily routine, then the immune system that makes insulin gets overworked to the span that you could be endangering evolving diabetic."

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