Is the Alexa Toolbar spyware?

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I read it somewhere, but I’m confused as Alexa is a big company. Please tell me if it’s a spyware or not!

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  1. Guest8040
    No, the Alexa Toolbar is not spyware. Spyware is defined as hidden software that is installed on your computer without your knowledge. It generally collects your personal information for advertising purposes, and provides you with no value in return. If you would like a more complete definition of the term spyware, please see The Alexa Toolbar is only installed when a user chooses to download it – it is not installed without your knowledge. The Toolbar is not hidden, it is prominently displayed at the top of your browser. In order to fill the Toolbar with relevant information, the URL of the page you’re on is transmitted to us and we return related information for that page. We have an easily accessed privacy policy which is presented at the time of download and in the Alexa drop down menu in your Toolbar. The Alexa Toolbar can be turned off at any time. Turning the Toolbar off prevents any information from being transmitted to us. Alexa never attempts to identify individual users, and you are not required to enter any personal information to use the Toolbar. If you feel that the features of the Alexa Toolbar are not of value to you, the Toolbar is easily uninstalled using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel of Windows, or from the Add-Ons Manager in your web browser.

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