Is the TV show "The Following" worth getting into?

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Is the TV show "The Following" worth getting into?

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  1. Victor Strong

     The Following is a very brave television undertaking as the levels of violence and realism as it pertains to serial murder is pioneering. Overall the show has received favourable reviews and impressive viewership totals. The latter is important for those hoping to see where the show continues to go.

    The show centers around a former FBI agent played by Kevin Bacon and his efforts to recapture a genuis serial killer, played by James Purefoy. Purefoy has created a muderous group of like minded killers who are executing a diabolical plan initiated by their leader.

    Both lead characters act out their parts very well and the show was conceptualized by the writer of the Scream series of films and Warner Brothers. It is definitely a show worth checking out if you are a fan of suspense filled horror and thriller type story lines.

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