Having black mark on iris

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I am a about 30 years old working as a school teacher since 10 year. One night I was watching TV and suddenly my left eye started to go blurry, but it was blurry in a circle shape and it felt like it has perhaps gotten in the upper left portion of my eye. I was unable to focus properly on the TV because of this and it lasted for about 10 min then was gone. Few days later, I noticed a black mark on Iris of my left eye like someone touched it with the tip of a black pen. Kindly tell me if this is something normal or do I need to see a doctor.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    You will see many people around who would be having such a black spot on the Iris. It can be ignored if it is not bothering you. However, if it is creating some problem then it is probably a TIA transient ischemic attack or an eye migraine. You must see an Eye MD at your earliest possible as TIA is a warning sign that a true stroke may happen in the future if something is not done to prevent it.

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