Is there a minimum level of English for an Australian visa applicant?

by Guest514  |  11 years, 5 month(s) ago

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I have poor knowledge about English and want to apply for Australian general skilled migration visa. Can some tell me that what is minimum level of English for an Australian visa applicant?

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  1. Guest8196
    Under the Australian general skilled migration programmed there will be a level of English required to be verified.  If you are from Ireland, you will be assumed to have vocational level of English for purposes of the substantive visa application to the Australian government.  However when you are in the process of considering your overall eligibility to apply you will need to pay close attention as some professional occupations require a certain level of English for the pre-application skill assessment stage.   For example, an Irish nurse must provide a IELTS test result showing proficient level of English.

    If you are applying for State sponsorship as part of the skilled visa application, some Australian states may require a proficient level of English as part of their application process.  New South Wales for example requires proficient level of English for most of the professional occupations it is willing to sponsor.

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